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Now you can easily create dynamic surveys with Joomla!

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iJoomla Surveys is a Joomla survey component that easily lets you create surveys, collect information and analyze data. It's great for business, education, research, marketing and more.

This product is one I didn't even know I needed until it was published. I am excited to implement it. The back-end is very well done, and easy to organize complex surveys. A quick glance through the manual and I was ready to go!

Survey Structure

Each survey contains three levels:

  • Surveys are containers that hold one or more Pages;
  • Pages are containers that hold one or more Questions;
  • Questions are individual units that make up the survey and are displayed on Pages.

For example, the owner of a site about pets could choose to create a number of separate surveys, each dedicated to a different type of pet. Each survey could then have separate pages about different subjects, so one page could list questions about exercise, another about food, and so on. Each page could also contain a number of questions.

Video Testimonial

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What You Can Do with the iJoomla Surveys Component:

The Joomla Surveys component can be used for a variety of purposes. Use it to:

  • Identify new growth areas.
  • Create exciting PR material.
  • Make informed business decisions.
  • Gather data about potential customers.
  • Learn key information about your visitors.
  • Collect information from current customers.
  • Gain feedback about your site and/or business.
  • Learn which features and products your users enjoy the most.
  • And much more.

"Thanks so much for your support and your wonderful tool - I used the data from my first survey yesterday - powerful, clear and easy to use.

- Dr. Alana James

What You Get:

  • 1 Joomla Surveys Component
  • 3 Joomla Survey Modules:
    • Joomla Surveys List (Use this module to link to and show a list of all your Joomla surveys.)
    • Joomla Surveys Results  (Use this module to link to and show the list of all your Joomla surveys.)
    • Joomla Survey Pop-Up  (Use this module to trigger survey pop-up invitations to your different surveys.)