Easy Navigation

altUnlike most components, iJoomla Surveys uses a left navigation menu and a control panel and not a top navigation. You can easily navigate with either the control panel or the left menu.

Control Panel

On accessing iJoomla Surveys on your admin interface, you will see a control panel with a large icon. Most of the component's features can be reached through this menu. Whenever you want to reach the control panel, select iJoomla Surveys from the Components Menu or, if you're already inside iJoomla Surveys, click on the top left menu link called iJoomla Surveys.

Left Menu

On accessing the iJoomla Surveys admin interface for the first time, the left menu will be closed and you will only see the top level items. Click on each link to see the sub-menu items or to reach the area of your choice. Click Close All to close all of the menu items or Click Open all to open all the menu items and their sub-items.

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