Promoting Your Survey

There Are a Number of Ways That You Can Promote Your Survey:

  • Send an e-mail invitation.
  • Show a pop-up invitation.
  • Display a link to the survey.
  1. Send an E-Mail Invitation By using your newsletter component, you can add a link to the survey in the body of your newsletter and invite members of your mailing list to take the survey. To determine the URL of your survey, select Manage Surveys -> surveys. Click the Collect link next to the survey name and two boxes will be displayed. The top box is the clean URL of the survey; the second box is a piece of HTML code that you can embed in your newsletter's HTML to display a clickable link to your survey.
  2. Show a Pop-Pop Invitation To display a pop-up invitation, select Manage Surveys -> Surveys and open the survey to which you would like to invite your users. On the Pop-Up tab, enter the relevant details and press Save. To control the appearance of the pop-up, select Go To Settings -> CSS. At the bottom of the page, you will see the names of the classes that will be assigned to the pop-up. On the right side of the page you will see the CSS itself. You will need a basic knowledge of CSS to make changes to the CSS file.
  3. Display a Link to the Survey You can display a link to your survey by simply publishing the survey module. The module will have a link to each of your published surveys.

Alternatively, you can add a menu item that links to the survey component and takes your users to a list of all available surveys, or you can add a menu item to the exact URL of your survey, or you can add a link inside your content to link it to any survey of your choice.


How to Add a Pop-Up Invitation to Your Survey:

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