Skip Logic

altBranching and Skip Logic allow respondents to receive specific question sets based on their previous answers

For example, on being asked about the quality of your site, a visitor might reply that it is "Very good." The next question could then ask: "What makes it so good?"

Similarly, if the respondent indicated that his experience on your site was "Poor," then the next question could be: "What can we do to make the site better?"

Branching in this way is accomplished by creating a "Skip Logic," in which you can specify the condition and the consequences.

Because it is only possible to skip forward and not backward throughout your survey, branching must be carefully charted. Furthermore, all of your questions must be in their final order before the branching pattern is implemented.

Conditional Branching occurs only if the condition is met. An example of conditional branching is the statement:

"If the answer to question #3 is A, then Skip to Page 'Demographics.'


Adding Skip Logic:

How It Works:

  • To add Skip Logic, select Manage Surveys-> Skip Logic and click New.
  • Enter a name for this logical sequence and choose the survey, page and question to which you wish to apply the condition.
  • The Compare drop-down menu allows you to choose whether you want the Skip Logic to occur when a condition is the same or different to an answer choice. If a response Equals "yes," then a particular action may be taken. If the response is different than "yes," then an alternative response may be taken.
  • Answer value lists all possible answers. Selecting more than one answer on the list (by pressing the CTRL key) allows you to specify whether the sequence will be dependent on one choice or on all the answer choices being chosen. To make the sequence dependent on all answer choices, select the AND condition; to make the sequence dependent on only one answer choice, select the OR condition.
  • You will then need to create the consequence of this condition. You can choose between Jump To and Skip, which lets the respondent jump to a selected page, skip the next page in sequence, or jump to the end of the survey.
  • On the Page drop-down menu, choose the page to skip or jump to.

For example, the sequence below describes a Skip Logic question used on a survey for We created a page called "Basic Questions" and added a question that checks whether or not the respondent is a vegetarian. The next question would depend on the response:


Page: Basic Questions

Question: "Are you a vegetarian?"

Compare: Equals to

Answers (OR): No

Action: Jump to

Page: Not vegetarian

If the answer to the question is ("Equals to")"No," then the survey will Jump to the page called "Not vegetarian," skipping the pages that ask about vegetarianism.

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